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Organic vegetable rack is your first choice of potted vegetables at home


In recentyears, one new fashion -potted vegetables are more and more loved by citypeople, green peppers, red tomatoes, purple eggplant. Not too long ago, theyare always planted in the garden ground, now they are been planted in thebedroom with their pleasing color and lovely shape, they becoming a specialscenery in backyard and balcony.

Pottedvegetables not only are beautiful, they are also edible. It is not limited byseason and region, grow fast grow and have less pests, can be planted at allseasons, is an excellent source for organic vegetables.

Pottedvegetables mainly divided into two categories:

1: Leafyvegetables, this type vegetables have very nice and colorful leaves, forexample colorful spinach, purple rorippa, green cabbage and parsley. They arenot tall, not much need space, easy to grow.

2:Vegetable with fruits, there are many varieties. For example, cucumbers,strawberries, tomatoes, colorful peppers, mini pumpkins, etc. These vegetablesare very good loking and tasty. You can enjoy flowers in bloom time, enjoyfruit later on. You can eat raw or cook when fruit is ripen in the pot. Thetaste would be very pure if grow by organic manner, it's really fabulous. Youcan choose suitable varieties to plant according to bedroom conditions. You cantake your children to planting, fertilizing, weeding and harvesting, which canlet your children experience country life, believe they will enjoy all theactivities.

ANC developed a newproduct: Shelf-Planter System with Controller, it is a convenient plantingsystem. Auto irrigation according to soil moisture, don't worry aboutirrigation when you are on travel.
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