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Noble ranch is an organic ranch total 160acres, growing 30 acres of Avocados and 45 acres of lemons, all certified by USDA

using certifier CCOF. Wild mountains surround three sides of this ranch;only one side has a neighbor, separated with 60

feet wide roads, 6 feet ofheight difference above neighbor land.

We firmly believe organic farming is theright way to be agriculturally and environmentally sustainable and supply nutrition

rich food. We use mulch, chicken, goose, duck and goat manure toenrich the land. We use grass, weeds and branches grown on

the ranch to makemulch, all animals are our own, and reside inside the ranch. We use no chemical fertilizers.  

We will supply organicanimals later after we set up fence to defend us from coyotes. Now, we lose abig number of animals to


We mainly use birds to control insects. Webuild up bushes to attract birds, put up owl houses to attract owls to controlgofer and rats. So far so good, we pick whatever birds do not damage. We onlydid once organic oil spray at 2008, which is permitted by the organic program.We will do our best even to limit or deletethis.  

We use only human labor and tractors tocontrol weeds around year. Human labor for weeds around trees, tractors forweeds between rows.  

We have UPS pick upschedules every workday, so we will ship out at same day we pick fruits up fromthe trees.  We also own electronicbusiness, supply wireless solar moisture controlled auto irrigation system.Please take a look at our website


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