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The greening trend of office and mall


Indoor garden is an effective way to let city people’s living back to nature, also is an important way to improve people's

living environment and quality of life. People through scientific to choose indoor plant, reasonable configuration, can building

a comfortable and healthful living space, since office building and shopping malls is so important in people's daily activities

area. For more healthy living, indoor garden is essential facilities for office building and shopping malls.

Indoor garden in building and shopping mall have many advantages:

Green plant is good for eye, relieve eye fatigue, is beneficial to the people who use computers for long-term.

Indoor garden is a quality pointer to office and shopping mall. Have important affect to enhance enterprise image, build customers

and partners' trust.

Green plant can optimize official environment, relieve fatigue for staff, relieve staff's headaches tension and work pressure, make

the office more humane.

In crowded market and office, green plant can effectively absorb peculiar smell, for example: body odor, the smell of sprinter, carpet,

floor, wall paper and office furniture.

Indoor greening can decrease cost renovation cost, let the space more environmentally.

Green plant conservation is a very important problem for office and mark greening, please note following information about

choose green plant and irrigation equipment.

Choose the plant that can send smell for health, can absorb harmful gases, anti moist and shady.

The plant shape should be beautiful.

Need to choose auto control irrigation equipment, can reduce labor cost, also can reduce effect to enterprise staff and customers

when people irrigate.

Hope everyone, each company can do a "green plan", let our life more natural and more healthy.

The irrigation equipment can detect soil moisture, so that can keep soil moisture on best level, should protect environment and save water.

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