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Solar Powered, Moisture Sensor based/Timer, Wireless, WiFi/3G Intelligent Irrigation System

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  • One postal flat rate box of 12x12x5 Inch, which can carry about
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GG-002-WIFI Main Controller(1); 12V 1A Power Adapter(1); USB cable(1); Wifi Antenna(1)$593.15
GG-002-3G Main Controller(1); USB cable(1); Antenna(2); SIM card device(1)$860.85
GG-002-PC Main Controller(1); 12V 1A Power Adapter(1)$503.00
Product introduction

Intelligent Controller(GG-002WIFI/3G)

USA, China Patent is pending......

Optimize irrigation for big harvest and Maximize water Efficiency

The 002 series can connect to the computer by USB line, control the controller with computer software.
GG-002-WIFI/3G. Anywhere, anytime, supervise, set and control the system.
All field controllers are solar powered & function as wireless signal relay. No power or communication lines, low cost for setting up and maintaining.
Bidirectional wireless control radius through local network is greater than 6,500ft/2000m.
Adjustable moisture sensor based control.
Detailed and accurate alarms of valve open/close status, communication, flow rate, water pressure, and low battery. Alarm to cell.
Frost Alarm, Rain Delay
Can down load complete history files of moisture, irrigation events, and alarm.
Wireless flow meter, pump/master valve controller with pressure sensor. Adjustable delay time for flow rate and pressure alarms.
Can install pressure switch to every valve to ensure reliable valve open/close.
Each zone can control up to 4 moisture sensors.

PC real map with current field information:
1. Make a field map with divided irrigation zones and show existing controllers.
2. Hit icon in the zone, then show field information of this zone.
3. Set, adjust, and control from the PC.
4. Red icon means there are alarms in the zone, hit the icon and check the alarm status.
5. Easy to check, save and download related history files.

1. Each main controller can control 5 wireless pumps, 5 wireless flow meter controllers with pressure meters, 8 master valves, and 60 wireless irrigation zones
2. Main controller show real time field Information, for customer’s convenience when there is no PC attached:
• Current soil moisture and temperature of the zone.
• Set Dry/Wet moisture control levels or rain sensor sensitivity
• Current control mode of each zone.
• Wireless signal and battery status of  each field device by zone.
• Zone’s manual or auto status.
• Valves open/close/failure status.
• Data of last irrigation event.
• Water flow rate and total from each flow meter.
• Moisture history chart with indicator of most recent irrigation events.
3. User registers the main controller with the remotes, which establishes a unique wireless communication ID to ensure field devices do not interfere with each other.
4. Simple but powerful operation:
a) With bidirectional wireless communications, adjust Dry/Wet control levels on the main controller or field controllers and save them.
b) Remote manual open/close zone valves or master valves from the main controller, also can manually open/close valves and pumps from the field controllers for convenience.
c) Can learn, setup and adjusting dry/wet control levels on the field controllers.
5. Frost alarm: the user can set temperature protection point (as 0°C). When temperature reaches this point, the main controller will either alarm or automatically start to irrigate to prevent frost damage according to user set default. Option also to water for a short time to clear ice from pipes. Or high temperature protection.
6. If rain is forecast, user can browse to “Rain water saving” function, to choose no irrigation for xx hours before rain in “Timer” mode, or irrigate only to keep the moisture above the dry level at "Moisture" mode, or to wait for the rain forecast period to pass, to minimize water usage.
7. Optional: connect wireless flow meter, pressure sensor, pump or master valve controllers to add flow rate, pressure alarm function to reduce loss by broken pipe.
8. Install one pressure switch for each valve controller to check if open/close is normal alarms if abnormal three times.
9. All 60 zones can independently choose one of these four irrigation modes:
a. Moisture sensor based control.
b. Moisture sensor based control + allowed irrigation time.
c. Timer control.
d.  Timer + Rain sensor
10. When under “Moisture sensor based control + allowed irrigation time” mode, the allowed irrigation time may be different from Monday to Sunday. Customer can set up to 5 allowed irrigation tables, and choose any one for each zone.
11. All field devices are solar powered, communicating with the main controller by special bidirectional wireless mesh network communication paths. No power/communication line is required, so is very easy to install and great for environment.
12. When in “Timer” mode, moisture sensor will be used as rain sensor, no irrigation in the rain.
13. Each zone, for any irrigation mode, can be set for maximum length of irrigation time to prevent flooding due to broken pipe or accident.
14. If there is not enough water pressure for irrigation of all zones needing irrigation, the user may set the maximum number of zones to irrigate simultaneously. Zones requiring irrigation first are the first to irrigate.
15. Friendly interface, operating instructions are richly displayed, to realize operation when no instruction manual available.
16. All field devices can be used to relay wireless signals of other devices to dramatically increase wireless communication distance while maintaining low transmitter/receiver power consumption. The wireless control range can be up to 6.500ft/2,000 meters.

Power supply: 12VDC, 1A
Back up battery: Ni-MH AA 1.2V*4
Idle current: ≤100mA  
Receiving frequency: 902MHz-928MHz
Remitting frequency: 902MHz-928MHz
Wireless range: Open space, 2m-500m, can reach 2000m through relay function
Operating temperature : -30-60°C  Relative humidity: <90%
Dimension: 246mm*156mm*47mm

How to choose wireless irrigation zone's accessories:

1:If the moisture sensor can be located near the valve, choose one field controller to control moisture sensor and valve both.
2:If the moisture sensor must be located far from the valve, choose two field controllers, one for moisture sensor, another for valve.
3:If one moisture sensor controls multiple valves, choose one controller which can control up to 4 valves. Customer can open all 4 valves once, or let them irrigate one by one if there is not enough water pressure.
4. Cover type controller for public locations.
5. Wireless flow meters controller with pressure meter, including control of flow meter + pressure sensor + pump + master valve.
6. Standard valve is 1", optional sizes to 3" are available

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