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Solar Powered Irrigation Controller with Moisture Sensor & Pump

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  • Standard package: Controller(1); Moisture sensor(1); Pump(1);
Product introduction

Chinese patent pending

This auto irrigation controller with moisture sensor and pump is for a garden with a rain tank. It pumps water to irrigate only when the moisture reaches the dry point, and stops when the soil just wet enough. No more over/under watering, and no more irrigation in the rain.

It is very easy to operate. For moisture control mode, only need to push/hold Dry/Wet keys to set current moisture % as control thresholds. Users can also adjust digitally on the big screen.

The controller will keep soil moisture in the set range to optimize irrigation and plants growth. Make plants and gardeners both very happy.Solar Powered, rechargeable batteries are included. With no need for adjustment when seasons change, only need to change batteries about every 3 years. When the batteries are fully charged, the pumping time can last about 30 minutes, it is good for backyard vegetable/fruit pads or pots.

The pump can pump reach 3.8m, 600L/hour, ½” copper output connector, with stainless steel filter net.

The controller includes both moisture sensor based control and timer control. There is a setup for forbidden irrigation period, and maximum irrigation length. If the user sets dry start point as 35%, maximum time, 10 minutes, and set wet stop point at 99%, then the controller will start to irrigate at 35% moisture, give water dose for 10 minutes, then stop.

Maximum irrigation time also functions to prevent flooding from broken pipes.With timer control, moisture sensor then will function as rain sensor, no irrigation in the rain.

The rain tank we supply includes a float valve in the water line. If the rain water is below specified level, the float valve will open let running water in to make sure there is always water for irrigation when need.

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Moisture sensor(1);



Suggested maximum pressure pump extention cable of GG-005Ms&P is 50 meters.
Suggested maximum GG-005 moisture sensor extention cable is 20 meters.

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