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Pot drip set for Mini Irrigation Controller GG-005

  • Model: Pot drip set for Mini Irrigation Controller GG-005
  • Price: $11.45
  • Drip Irrigation set for 12 pots, or 12 plants.
  • Irrigation more pots by adding more sets.

Irrigation Tubing Description:

Size: Internal diameter 13mm.  Outside diameter 16mm.Material: PE

Included components and parts£o

10m Irrigation tubing   10m Distribution tubing        1 hose adapter              1 hose connetor             1 plug

12 dripper emitters    12 Barbed couplers     One 8type plug               1 hole Punch                 12 U type holder


The drip irrigation set is use for dripping irrigation, which is match with our Mini Irrigation ControllerGG-005C-1 and GG-005C-2. or Mini

irrigation Controller with pump. Good for backyard organic, like tomatoes, balcony flowers and other potted plants, easy to install and easy

to use. Very durable.

Installation Step:

  1. Cut distribution tubing into 12 sections of the length you want.

  2. Connect drippers to one end of distribution tubing.

  3. Install a barbed coupler to the other end of distribution tubing.

  4. Punch holes in the irrigation hose using the hole punch

  5. Insert the other end of barbed coupler to the irrigation hose and put dripper into the pot you want to irrigate.


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